Dirks1688 – Rebuilt Exchange Peterbilt 359 Standard Hood , $8000.00, $300.00 Crate Fee, Call For Availability


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Made in America by DIRKS CLASSIC TRUCK

Polished hood top ribbed extrusions are available for an additional $100

The customer will need to supply the core pieces before a hood can be built

The pieces required for a core are the inner fenders,  the two upper bridge supports on rear of hood, and the two cup brackets that join the grill sides to the grill crown.

The hood now comes with new lower bridges.

$8000 and will be extra freight charges before hood will be shipped.Along with a $300 hood crating charge.

Assembled on a framed jig

Rebuilt hoods available on an exchange program

Constructed of mostly new parts

Grill and surround are new

Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 78 × 75 in